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Library Website

Use the Library Website to search for books, journal articles and other Library information.

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Find books for print and eBooks 

Find books and articles - search for keywords contained in the title and abstract of all the resources in full-text

Advanced search - search for keywords contained within all of the text of the resources (a broader search).  This is the preferred search for material other than just books.

Magazines and journals

Magazines and journals are kept on the 3rd floor of the Library in alphabetical order by title.  Find particular titles using the 'book search' function on the Library Website.

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Keep up to date with the latest: exhibitions, artists, designers, research, festivals, competitions, trends, events, conferences and projects in your academic field.  Get inspired by artists and practitioners that you find when browsing the collection.


An academic journal is a regular publication which contains detailed research within a particular academic discipline  Academic journals serve as forums for the introduction and presentation of new research and the critique of existing research.  Use journal articles to discuss theories and current thinking in essays and dissertations.


Finding books

Locate particular titles using the Library Website then browse the shelves nearby to locate other useful texts.

Each book has a number on the spine called a 'classmark' which helps you find it on the shelf. 

The first floor has 000-649

The second floor has 650-999

In addition to the print journals, the third floor has 340-349.99 (Law collection) and also an 'oversize' collection which contains books that do not fit on the main shelves.

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Special Collections

The Zibby Garnett Library (on the first floor) contains the University of Lincoln special collections, including books on the decorative arts. For more information on what is in the library, please see the Special Collections Website 

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