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Support for Academic Staff

Talis Elevate

Talis Elevate is a tool to support your students’ active engagement with the resources you recommend for their learning.

The Elevate platform allows you and your students to leave comments on texts, images, and media you upload, enabling direct engagement with learning resources. Using Elevate, students can collaborate directly with their classmates within the resources they are using together for their learning

What's the difference between Talis Aspire and Talis Elevate?

Six Steps to Adding Talis Elevate Content to Blackboard

  1. Log in to your module Blackboard site (here) and enter your university email address and password
  2. Choose the content you want to add: Specific guidance on adding different types of content is available in the How to Use Talis Elevate guide in the sidebar. Make sure to choose content which can legally be used in teaching. For a concise and clear overview of copyright please click here. Contact your academic subject librarian with any questions.
  3. Download, save, or copy the link or content you wish to upload. Whether you download material or copy a link will vary based on the material you are uploading.
  4. Navigate to the folder where you wish to add Elevate content: on your Blackboard site, click on the Module Content folder to which you wish to add material.
  5. Use the Build Content tools: Click on the ‘Build Content’ tab and select the ‘Elevate Content Item’ tool.
  6.  Upload the item: this will vary based on the type of content you are adding. For images, Panopto videos, or documents, click on ‘open the file browser’ to upload the item. Note that you can also drag and drop the image into the upload window. Youtube videos can be added by pasting in the video link.

Webinar on using Talis Elevate

Please click here to access the webinar