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Requesting books for purchase

Any new books you require for teaching should be added to your module reading list from the publishers websites or an online bookshop. We'll see the new requests when you send your list in for review and arrange for purchase.


To help with this process please indicate whether the books are:

  • essential  (is the text needed for seminar discussions and does every student require a copy for the course or just that week?)

  • recommended (are you expecting every student to read this at some point?)

  • further reading

Alternatively you can email your Academic Subject Librarian with details of the text, number of copies, date required by, module code or title.

Requests for new subscriptions

Any requests for new journals or databases should be discussed with your Academic Subject Librarian. Journal subscriptions usually run from January to December and are reviewed annually in August.

If you'd like to try a resource first we can usually arrange trial access.

E-first policy

Wherever possible ebooks will be purchased if they are available and more than one student can access them at a time.  For accessibility print copies will also be purchased alongside ebooks.

​Please see the guide on ebooks for further information.

The purchasing process

Once you request an item we will contact you if we expect any delays. It takes a while to get new books on the shelves so it's worth requesting new titles well in advance of when they're required.

  1. Add the item to a reading list, or contact your Academic Subject Librarian.
    • We will notify you if the resource is very expensive or out of print. 
    • We will contact you if you require every student to have a copy of a book to discuss the options for this text and cost
  2. We will order books from our library suppliers.
    • We can request books that are not yet published.
    • We may be able to obtain out of print texts.
  3. We will receive and add the books to our catalogue.
    • Ebooks generally arrive within a week, print items will take longer.
  4. We will notify you by email and update the reading list.

Your Academic Subject Librarian will keep you up to date with new resources in your field.