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MASH Guide

More about appointments

We currently offer 30-minute appointments (this may drop to 20 minutes at particularly busy times). Please choose from the appointment boxes on the main page to request an appointment.

Our appointments are held in the Library on the ground floor*. We are currently running a system where you are required to request an appointment via the ‘Make a Stats/Maths support appointment’ buttons below, these requests are checked over and you are sent a calendar of the adviser you have been assigned. You can then go ahead and book an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Once you have made your appointment, on arrival to the Library, please let the main reception desk staff know that you’re here for a MASH appointment which your assigned adviser. The desk staff will call though and direct you where to go.

In preparation for the appointment we ask you to bring along any materials that are reliant to the query, this could be work already done, notes from lectures or specific questions you’re wanting help with.

Our subject area is Maths and Stats, we require you to bring along your subject knowledge and we can help with the Maths and Stats content.

During the appointment we cannot save any work we have done, nor can we tell you what test to carry out. However, we can guide you with your choices and help you with resources that show you want you need to do.

*We can offer video call / phone call appointments were needed. We know these are useful for distance learners or those with additional commitments. If you would like a remote appointment, please state this in the request form.