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Chi-Squared (χ2) Test of Association


A Chi-Square Test of Association compares the relationships between two categorical variables. 


Test Procedure

  1. Click Analyze > Descriptive Statistics > Crosstabs

  2. Within the 'Crosstabs' window, select the two variables you intend to analyse and move one into the 'Rows' window and one into the 'Columns' window.

  3. Select statistics, then select Chi-Square 

  4. Select Continue and then OK



Chi_Square_Output_V2 Image


SPSS will generate three tables, we will use the Chi-Square Tests table:

Chi-Square Tests

This table shows the three statistics we need to report when conducting a Chi-Square Test of Association; the Chi-Square Test statistic (Pearson Chi-Square), the Degrees of Freedom (df), and the significance/ p-value (Asymptotic Significance (2-tailed)).

Reporting the Results in APA Formatting

The relationship between the gender of maths lecturers and their favourite food was assessed using a Pearson's Chi-Square Test of Association. The results showed there to be no significant association between the two variables, X(2, N=54) = 1.72, = .42.