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MASH : Maths and Stats Help

Statistical Tests with R / RStudio

We have provided some guides to help you with carrying out a number of commonly used statistical tests.
This list of statistical tests is not exhaustive.

There are many ways to get to the results you are after in R, these guides show you one way to get to those. We show you examples of the output that will be produced, as well as an example of how you could report it using the correct APA style.

If there is a test you would like to see here, please email us your suggestion.

Testing for a Difference

We can explore differences between groups in multiple ways, depending on the structure of our groups. If we divide our data between subjects (putting different people/participants in different groups) we can compare between these groups and we have a between-subjects design. If we have one participant group and we measure them multiple times, we can test if there is a difference in the repeated measurement and therefore, we have a repeated-measures design.

Terminology can vary slightly between subject areas, such as repeated-measures design can also be refrred to as a within-subjects design.

Parametric Tests

Non Parametric Tests

Additional guides

Supporting some guides on specific statistical tests, we have made some additional tutorials on obtaining other information about variables and data sets in R.