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Exploring Descriptives on Jamovi


Exploring the descriptives choices on Jamovi may help you find the information from your data that you require. Some tests will have the options to include all the information you would like and more. However, some you may find don't include what you'd expect or you require.


Producing Descriptives and Plots

One example of this is within the Mann-Whitney U test, for this (and other non-parametric tests) you may want the additional information of a the Interquartile Range, or a Box-Plot. To produce these follow the guidance below:

Select Exploration, drop down and select "Descriptives"

screenshot of menu for running desciptives in jamovi

This will bring up a menu with options that you can explore. In this example we've used the height data from Cats and Terriers (used in the Mann-Whitney example page too). We moved height into the "variables" box and "split by" species.

You have a choice of how the information is presented in the "Descriptives" drop down menu, for this example we selected "variables across rows" (this isn't the default).

Look around the tick boxes on here to see what additional information you would like. Here we have added "IQR" and removed "missing" and "mean" (these were choices, not necessary actions).

Screenshot of Options menu for the descriptives in Jamovi

Further down the options you'll find the "Plots" menu. Among these plots are "box-plots", "histograms" and "Q-Q Plots", three commonly used plots (dependent on the data type). Here we have selected "Box Plots".

Your results will appear to the right of the options box in a separate panel, and will update as you tick or untick options. Here is the output from the descriptives and the plots that we chose above:

screenshot of descriptives output on Jamovi

screenshot of a boxplot produced on Jamovi