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MASH : Maths and Stats Help

MASH Workshops

Why Do I Even Need A p-Value?

In this interactive workshop, we will look at a very simple dataset in SPSS and see how a t-test saves us from making a catastrophically bad decision.  The main aim is a deeper understanding of what a t-test (or p-values in general) really tells you, but also to start to think about exploring data in SPSS and have a go at running and interpreting a t-test.


Start Analysing Data In SPSS

In this interactive workshop, we will take a look at some real data from the General Social Survey, and build a set of steps for investigating that data. We will chiefly focus on different types of graphs and the p-values that can give those graphs credibility. It is highly highly recommended to attend "Why Do I Even Need a p-Value?" first, but this is designed to be a standalone workshop if you can't make it to that.


Getting My Data into SPSS

In this interactive!  the workshop you will get the opportunity to enter some data from the General Social Survey into SPSS.  The data you will be entering has been selected to expose you to the full set of features in SPSS' "Variable View", so by the end you should have plenty of ideas of how to set up your own data in SPSS.


Getting Started in R

A hands-on beginners introduction to the R environment. This is for you if you don't know where to start. We hope you'll leave this workshop with the confidence to explore R further.


Mathematics/Statistics Anxiety Workshop

85% of university students experience mathematics/statistics anxiety. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the origins and causes of mathematics and introduce multiple techniques and strategies to help you overcome mathematics/statistics anxiety. 


Special Request Workshops

We can provide workshops for your specific needs be it SPSS, Excel or a specific statistical method. If you and a group of your fellow students are interested please contact us with your needs. We can run workshops at various times to suit both students and tutors.