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MASH : Maths and Stats Help

MASH Workshops


For information of upcoming workshops please see the Library Events page. Below you will find a list of workshops provided by MASH.

Workshops we are running for 2023-24

SPSS Based Workshops:

  • Getting Started with SPSS

  • Descriptive Statistics and Graphs in SPSS

  • Analysing and Reporting Differences in SPSS

  • Analysing and Reporting Correlations in SPSS



General Workshops:

  • Mathematics / Statistics Anxiety Workshop

  • Special Request Workshops 

    • We can provide workshops for your specific needs, but it in SPSS, Excel, R or a specific statistical methos. If you and a group of your fellow students are interested, please contact us with your needs. We can run workshops at various times to suit both students and tutors.