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About Paul

Paul Sutherland, Canadian-British poet, arrived in the UK in 1973. He is the founding editor of Dream Catcher a distinguished national-international journal in its 23rd issue (a Special Edition featuring Canadian Authors). Paul has published eight collections of his poetry since 1970, including Seven Earth Odes (Endpapers Press, 2004) and Spires and Minarets (Sunk Island, 2010). His eighth collection, Journeying, was published by Valley Press in 2012, then again in a second edition in October 2020. A monumental New and Selected Poems, also from Valley Press, including highlights from forty-five years of writing, was released in November 2017. Another recent book, Children's Routes and Red Streamers 'explor[es] the world of children with a rare sensibility'.

Find more information about Paul's recent publication and recorded readings on the Chaffinch Press website - Paul Sutherland page.

You can find an interview with Paul from July 2019 on The Wombwell Rainbow website


Accessing Paul's Work

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Profile of Paul Sutherland standing in front of a waterfall in a forest


You can find more information on Paul and his work on his website:-


Paul's Work

Red Candle Holder


Our bedroom candle holder’s
blackened around its tinny socket;
we’ve given up chipping off the wax
clinging in layers like paint remnants.
To carry it to our bed the shallow dish
extends an incomplete ring as a handle
not big enough for a man’s curled finger
but still too expansive for a child’s.


Many mornings we’ve seen the thing
spent, as a gift that no one can use
and reeking. But don’t close the drapes.
Now it’s settled on our white window sill
against blind glass, let it be a reflection
because it can never speak for itself.


From New and Selected Poems, Valley Press, 2016.