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MASH : Maths and Stats Help

Laura Pearson

Laura is the manager of the centre and has been working in Maths and Stats support for over 10 years.

I enjoy the challenges my job brings, being exposed to new ideas in statistics and seeing how I can jump in and help my students the best I can. I take a wholistic approach to my support, it's so much more than helping with the technical side of maths or stats.

Photograph of Laura Pearson

Jamie Smith

Jamie is our Maths specialist in the centre with a research focus in maths anxiety.

I love that I can help students from a wide variety of courses. In a single day I can see PhD students testing robotic arms, Masters Students finishing a passion project of criminal justice reform, Bachelors Students completing their first research projects, and foundation-year students starting their HE journey.

Jack Grant

Jack is one of our Student Advisors. Jack comes to us from Psychology where he is an Associate Lecturer and currently studying for his PhD in Psychology. 


Having studied Psychology for 8 years, I have a great understanding and appreciation for the wide range of statistical methods that students employ. I took on the role of student advisor at MASH as I thoroughly enjoy helping students with stats related issues and can’t wait to get started!

Luke Whitehead

Luke is one of our Student Advisors. Luke has come to us from a Psychology background and is studiyng for their BSc in Psychology 

As a 3rd year Psychology student, I've been learning statistics since my first day of university. The library has always been the place where I do my best work, so I'm glad to part of the team here to support other students.