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laptop icon Recommended Numeracy Resources

On the A-Z terminology pages, you'll find that we have added links to pages, pdf, videos etc. from resources to help explain those test or concepts. Here you'll find a list of the external resources we use to populate those pages. These are the links to the general resource, these could be other universities or outside sources that we have found to be reliable and credible.

Although there may be paid tiers to the sites we suggest, we do not suggest that you pay for any subscriptions. If we are suggesting them, the free content they provide is what we are recommending.

Preliminary Resources

Below is a list of resources which are a great starting point for many students.

These resources are from MathCentre, a host of free support resources and materials. You can find all sorts of resources on their Numeracy Skills page, we recommend looking at the Quick Reference pages and the Test Yourself links too.


Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy, and Medicine Resources

Below is a list of resources which are ideal for Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmacy, and Medicine students.

Multiple sets of Drug Dose Practice Exams can be found on Middlesex University London's website.

For interactive drugs calculations, have a go at the Quiz pages on Test and Calc.

There are many online calculators for unit conversion work, here is one example.

General Recommended Resources


Test and Calc


Corbett Maths