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Special Collections

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About the Collection

The University holds a small art collection consisting of two distinct parts: an historic print collection and a live collection of art created by students and staff.


The Print Collection

The Print Collection was used as a teaching aid for Hull College of Arts & Crafts and its historic predecessors, which eventually joined the Lincoln School of Art and Design in 2001. Some prints are reproductions of oil paintings or watercolours whilst others are original prints, examples of printing techniques for educational purposes, such as relief (woodcut, wood engraving and lino cut), intaglio (engraving, etching, dry point, mezzotint, aquatint, sugar lift), lithography and screen printing.



Black and white image of cloudy sky over a stormy sea with large rock protruding from sea

Image: The Cop Stone by Susan E. Jameson (Ref: PC2/09/080)

The Art Collection

The Art Collection was inherited from De Montfort University, Lincoln and contains over 200 items, including paintings and works on paper plus several examples of ceramics (Mick Casson), jewellery, furniture, sculpture, textiles, installations and photographic prints. Much is recent 21st century work, with a handful of works from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.  Due to the limited storage space additions are restricted but art may be borrowed by staff and installed in safe environments on campus following environmental checks.  

The oldest item is a Roman pot and a selection of student work is being added, usually following the summer exhibitions.


Accessing the Collection

Painting of grand houses either side of a river with some houses depicting classical paintings on their side

Image: Golden Bend by Judith Greef (Ref: UL/AC/18/015)

Copyright remains with the artist or publisher therefore the inventory is not available online but can be consulted in the University Library. Please contact the Special Collections Librarian for further details on access to the collection.

Photo Gallery

Roman ovoid pot with broken jagged rim

Roman Pot

(Ref: UL/AC/09/302)

Brown jug

Jug by Mick Casson

(Ref: UL/AC/366

String necklace with various sized white balls imitating ivory

White Elephant Necklace by Tamsen Poole

(Ref: UL/AC/11/130)

Pencil illustration of Native American male with feather headdress

Native American by Josh Roberts

(Ref: UL/AC/17/010)

Time-lapsed image of Lincoln city at night with red, blue and green light streaks showing moving cars on road and Lincoln Cathedral illuminated in the distance

Lincoln at Night by Michael Orridge

(Ref: UL/AC/14/001)

Illustration of man and woman in a rowing boat at night, the woman looking distressed while the man reaches down towards an engagement ring in the sea surrounded by sea life in various tones of blue and contrasting coral pink for some detail

Deep Blue by Ella Mcneilage

(Ref: UL/AC/18/008)

Painting of grand houses either side of a river with some houses depicting classical paintings on their side

Golden Bend by Judith Greef

(Ref: UL/AC/18/015)

A wooden box with various size compartments to store sewing apparatus including needles, scissors, buttons and tiny metal mannequin frame for dress-making

The Memory Box by Liz Pearson

 (Ref: UL/AC/19/12)

Conserving the Collection

Prints are being used by the MA Conservation students for collection survey techniques, assigning condition grades etc. Some of the print collection is in poor condition, printed on acidic paper with tears and water damage from being stored in previous unsuitable conditions.

Conservation students securely packaging painting in bubble wrap and tape

Image: Conservation students Amy Randall & Alex Habgood wrapping art for transportation in 2018

School Print Series

The collection includes examples of the ‘School Prints’ series, which attempted to introduce quality contemporary art to children in the 1940s. Also examples of the ‘Lyons Teashop Lithographs’ such as John Nash’s Landscape with Bathers. Lyons Teashops were evident on almost every British High Street, forerunners of contemporary Costa Coffee and this art was part of the post-war refurbishment in 1947. London transport posters feature in the collection and work by artists such as David Hockney and Gertrude Hermes.