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Special Collections

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About the Collection

Senior lecturer in Illustration and Design, Darren Diss’s collection of editorial illustrations from The Independent newspaper from 2009-2013. Darren was given the brief and details of the articles/comments, which he interpreted in his illustration using digital methods with a very short deadline.

“Bringing these elements together to form an appropriate visual companion to the theme of the editorial is, for me, the art of editorial illustration for comment and opinion writing. A catalogued collection of this type may be of interest to students of illustration, graphic design, journalism, history, conservation, media and those concerned with the cultural impact of the relationship between word and image in news media”.
Darren Diss, June 2019


Accessing the Collection

You can search the Special Collections catalogue for the Darren Diss illustration archive. To see original articles please contact the Special Collections Librarian for more information and to discuss your research requirements.


Darren Diss at his exhibition 'Silent Witnesses: Graphic Novels Without Words'

Image: Darren Diss at his exhibition: "Silent Witnesses: Graphic Novels Without Words", held at The Collection in Lincoln, 29 May-30 August 2010.

Examples of Darren's work

Books vs Kindle


Illustration of towering pile of thick books with kindle on top with orange background


Image: Diss, D. (2011) I’ve given up books and I’m closer to my library than ever. The Independent, 1 Oct, 35. (Ref: DISS/234)

"No to Leveson!"


Illustration of business man stood on chained pile of newspapers with caption "No to Leveson! A free press is vital to protect our rights and liberties"


Image: Diss, D. (2013) No to Leveson! A free press is vital to protect our rights and liberties. The Independent, 21 Oct, 15. (Ref: DISS/344)

Conserving the Collection

A team of Conservation students under the supervision of Nick Dore and Amy Randall created Melinex pockets to help conserve the collection, protecting each newspaper article and allowing safe handling. This project is ongoing.

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The Darren Diss archive is a comprehensive collection of his editorial illustration work for the Guardian.  In looking at his work you will be inspired to think metaphorically and symbolically about illustration and to use colour and texture to great effect.  It is wonderful to have a chance to see real briefs that lecturers themselves had to fulfill.

– Ruth King
(Illustration student)