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Special Collections

Our Collaboration

There is close collaboration between the Special Collections Librarian and the staff and students within Conservation in the School of History and Heritage.

Assistance and advice are invaluable with historic collections and the following are some examples:- 

  • Cathedral early printed books displaying evidence of pest damage have been frozen to eradicate bookworms. 

  • Staff have given advice on 17th century block printed wallpaper used as book endpapers and confirmed dating of pottery in the art collection. 

  • The University Art Collection procedures have incorporated dissertation advice on preventive conservation and artworks have been cleaned to remove scuffs and marks whilst on loan. 

Conservation student demonstrating book cleaning technique

Image: Conservation student, Amy Randall, demonstrating book cleaning technique to the Special Collections Librarian, Claire Arrand, in the laboratory within Exchequer Gate at Lincoln Cathedral.

  • Students have advised on correct protocols for displaying objects within the University Library display case and provided material for a display on their work. 

  • Melinex pockets have been made for newsprint and old photographs have been cleaned by students, also taping fragile books and packaging in the Zibby Garnett Library and in Exchequer Gate. 

  • Mould has been removed by students from a collection at Riseholme, previously stored in unsuitable conditions and also at the Cathedral. 

  • Students have also assisted moving art around campus and assigning condition grades. 

Examples of packaging and bookends for conserving old books

Image: Examples of packaging and book-ends for conserving old books made by Conservation students.

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Lincoln is home to the largest centre for conservation and restoration study in the UK and, with more than 40 years’ experience, is a leading authority in the field.

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We need you!

There are always projects requiring help so please contact the Special Collections Librarian for the latest volunteering opportunities on offer. 

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Please visit the display area on the ground floor of GCW Library to see material from Special Collections, work by students and staff and wider university projects.