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Special Collections

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral Library holds medieval manuscripts, early printed books, archival material and modern reference books.

Sketch of Medieval Library at Lincoln Cathedral and red book cover

Image: Left, 15th Century Medieval Library. Right, Yosy's Switzerland (1815) (Ref: WL.02.21 - 22)


The 17th Century Wren Library at Lincoln Cathedral and illuminated text in old book

Image: Left, 17th Century Wren Library. Right, Bede Comm. in Cantica Canticorum, 12th century (Ref: MS 165 f.6v part)


About Lincoln Cathedral

Lincolnshire Archives

The collections date from 11th century onwards and cover the historical county of Lincolnshire, which stretched from the Humber to the Wash. 

Old Lincolnshire map - Lord Willoughby de Broke No.93

Image: Helpringham Enclosure Award and Plan (Ref: HELPRINGHAM PAR CO/5/1)


Old sepia photograph of Lord Alfred Tennyson

Image: Photograph of Lord Alfred Tennyson (Ref: TRC/Images/5371)


About Lincolnshire Archives

Lincoln Conservation

There is close collaboration between Special Collections and the staff and students within Conservation in the School of History and Humanities.

Image of microscopic examination of a paint sample

Image: 'Microscopic examination of a paint sample' taken from Lincoln Conservation website


Man in white laboratory coat looking through a microscope

Image: 'Materials Analysis' taken from Lincoln Conservation website


About Lincoln Conservation