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Online reading lists (Talis Aspire) for Academic Staff

Audio-visual material

When bookmarking an item, Talis Aspire is able to detect the resource type the majority of the time.  The resource types detected are 'audio document' and 'audio-visual' document.  This includes freely available video material including YouTube and subscribed content via the Library Website (Databases page) such as the database Bob National.  

audio document icon Audio document

audio visual document icon Audio-visual document

As with some web pages and PDFs, you may need to edit the information on the item in Talis to show the format.  This helps the student to know what kind of resource it is and reference it correctly.  Click on the three dots to edit and make changes.


screenshot of audio visual item on reading list


Bookmarking videos and audio from Bob National

You can find Bob National on the 'databases' page of the Library Website.  This provides legal, licensed access to UK TV and radio programmes and the links are guaranteed to remain.  For copyright reasons, it is also more reliable than YouTube.

Screenshot of bookmarking screen in Talis Aspire Reading Lists saving a record from Box of Broadcasts

Once you have identified a programme or clip on Bob National, or created a playlist, you can bookmark in the usual way and then add information in the Student Notes field about what the programme is about or how long a clip is.

Bookmarking videos from YouTube

Check that the YouTube video is not an illegal copy of a broadcast or commercial video.  If you are unsure, ask your Academic Subject Librarian.  You can then bookmark in the normal way and make sure that the 'Resource Type' shows as 'Audiovisual Document'.  You can also add any other fields that might be missing such as Producer or Date.  In the 'Note for Student' field it is useful to add extra information about content or video length.