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Talis Aspire Reading Lists for Academic Staff

Adding electronic journals from the Library website

  1. Go to the Library website
  2. Search for the journal article. To do this make sure the Find books and article search is selected below the main search box on the Library homepage. Then select Advanced search before entering your search terms.
  3. Select the article by clicking on the title. Click on the Add to my Bookmarks bookmarklet tool in your favourites bar, or click on the Talis Extension icon from the browser extensions menu.


    Screenshot showing journal article in the library website with the bookmarklet tool highlighted

  4. The reading list software will pop up on your screen with the information to be added the left. Click on Create & Add to list
  5. Select the relevant list by clicking on the drop down arrow underneath Add to lists
  6. At this point you can select which section of the list the article should go in
  7. Set the reading status of the article (Essential. Recommended, Further Reading, Recommended for student purchase) and you can also add a Note to student - e.g. to explain why the article is relevant.
  8. Click on OK and you will be taken back to the Advanced search on the Library website
  9. If you want to view the list, return to the reading list tab. You won't be able to see the updates until you refresh the screen/press F5.


    Image showing the create a bookmark screen in Talis Aspire Reading Lists


Alternatively, journal articles can be added by bookmarking them directly from individual electronic databases