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Online reading lists (Talis Aspire) for Academic Staff

What are digitisations?

Digitisations are scans of print material held by the library. The Library holds a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Comprehensive Higher Education Licence that allows us to create digitised material by scanning from printed books and journals. (Note our emphasis on printed materials: materials that are already available electronically, such as many journal articles, do not need to be digitised.)

Making and distributing electronic copies of print material is restricted by copyright law and all digitisation requests must be checked to ensure that they are copyright-compliant. The reading list software makes these checks quickly and easily.

Talis reading list software stores digitisations in what's called the vault, meaning that a digitisation requested for one reading list will automatically be retrieved and made available if requested for another list.

How do I request a digitisation?

Step 1: Click on the three dots next to the reading list item and select 'request digitisation’.  

screenshot of digitisation request menu

Step 2: Fill out a form with details of your request. All required information is starred (*). If a section is not starred, you can leave it blank. 

If you are requesting a single chapter, simply fill in the title of the chapter. Supplying page numbers is optional for chapter digitisations.

digitisation request form

If you are requesting an excerpt that is longer or shorter than a single chapter, make sure to UNTICK the box that says ‘this is a full chapter’ and supply the page numbers of the section you wish scanned. (You can request multiple page ranges by clicking on the + add another  button).

full chapter box unticked

By copyright law, the library can scan a single chapter or up to 10% of a book; please be mindful of this when putting in requests for excerpts.

Finally, if the book contains endnotes or other references pages that should be included in the scan, please fill out the ‘reference range’ section. If not, please leave this section blank. 

reference page range

Step 3: On the final screen, please indicate when you would like your digitisation to be available by choosing a date in the ‘needed by’ section. Please allow two weeks for the library to scan and upload your request.

needed by date box

How do I know when my request is ready?

You will receive an automated email when your request is available. 

The library will contact you by email if we need further information or there are any issues with your request. 

Why should I request a digitisation?

E-books, journals, and more are increasingly popular because students and lecturers can access them from anywhere, and at any time. But not all learning materials are available in electronic formats! This can be especially true with academic books since publishers do not always choose to release titles as e-books.

Digitisations make printed materials more accessible by giving all of your students equal access to materials. The library might own only one print copy of a key title, but with a digitisation, a chapter or excerpt of that book can easily be accessed by a large group of students.

When should I request a digitisation?

Please request digitisations at least TWO WEEKS in advance.

This may seem like a lot of lead time but the library processes around 4000 digitisation requests per year; giving us a fortnight's notice helps us have your digitisation ready by the date you request.