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Online reading lists (Talis Aspire) for Academic Staff

What are the benefits of an online reading list?

Online reading lists enhance the teaching and learning experience in higher education. For academics, reading lists streamline the process of managing course materials and facilitate communication with students and the library. With an online reading list, you can align your course content with the recommended reading (see Reading lists and Blackboard Ultra) making it clear to your students what they should be reading and why.

An online reading list provides:

  • access to up-to-date material - online reading lists can be updated throughout the academic year which means that students benefit from having access to the most current material.
  • a variety of resources - add links to various online sources such as videos, audio recordings, interactive content, ebooks, journal articles and websites.
  • library stock availability and links to digital resources - students can see which physical resources are available in the library and click on links to digital resources. 

Reading and Resource List Policy

The library has a Reading and Resource List Policy. Please read this to find out more about the University policy with regards to book purchases and your reading list.