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Talis Aspire Reading Lists for Academic Staff

Structuring your list

Adding sections

Arranging your reading lists into sections enables students to see the readings for that week or topic area to help them with their studies.

Sections can be weekly or by topic area.

Moving items and sections around

We all have a personal preference regarding methods of creating and editing lists, and you might find some methods are better for certain scenarios, so if you are using the edit screen for the first time we do recommend you try different methods to see what best works for you.

There are three methods available for moving an item or section on your reading list.  These are:

Creating notes

Adding notes to your reading list will guide students to chapters you would like them to read that week or information about the source, for example if it is a challenging/ easy read or takes a certain viewpoint on a topic.

Viewing changes to your list

Once you have edited your list you will need request a review before these changes are visible to students.