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Referencing system for Psychology

Facebook post

In text citation

(APA Style, 2011)


Reference List

APA Style. (2011, March 10). How do you spell success in APA Style? Easy! Consult Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate

Dictionary or APA’s Dictionary of Psychology. Read more over at the APA Style Blog [Facebook status update].

Retrieved from



Author Surname, Initial(s). OR corporate author. [Individual author’s first name]. (Year, Month, Day). Title [Facebook status update]. Retrieved from web address


Citing Facebook posts

  • For individual authors, provide their full first name in square brackets after their initial as this is their social media identity information.
  • For the title, provide the name of the page or the content or caption of the post (up to the first 40 words).
  • Do not italicize the titles of status updates.