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APA 6th Edition - University of Lincoln

Referencing system for Psychology

Citing leaflets, pamphlets


  • Treat brochures, pamphlets, fact sheets etc. like books. Indicate the type of publication in square brackets after the title, unless the publication type is included in the title. 
  • When information is missing, use the abbreviations: N.p for ‘No place of publication’, n.p. for ‘no publisher’ and n.d. for ‘no date’.
  • When the publisher is the same as the author, write 'Author' as the name of the publisher. 

Leaflets, pamphlets

In-text citation

(National Health Service (NHS), 2004)


Reference List

National Health Service (2004). More choice and control over your healthcare: Making IT better [Brochure]. London: NHS

       National Programme for Information Technology.



Author Surname, Initial(s). or Corporate Author. (Year). Title of brochure [Brochure]Location: Publisher.