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APA 6th Edition - University of Lincoln

Referencing system for Psychology

Figures and Tables

For your assignment it is expected that you would include tables and figures within the body of the text.   Occasionally, you may be asked to include them as separate appendices as you would if you were submitting a paper to an academic journal for publishing.

Check with your tutor for the precise requirements for each piece of work.  

For more detailed information for setting out tables using appendices please consult p.30 of the ‘Pocket Guide to APA Style’ or to the ‘Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association’.


Figures are visual images to support ideas in a paper (drawings, graphs, photographs and maps).  They appear as numbered figures in the assignment (Figure 1, Figure 2…etc). 

Format for figures:

  • Figures must be clear scaled to fit appropriately on the page
  • Below the figure, type the word Figure (italicised) on the left followed by the number and a full stop.
  • One space after the figure label, type the title (sentence style capitalisation NOT italicised) followed by a full stop.
  • Figure captions should be double-spaced.  If it continues beyond one line, it continues flush left.
  • The font should be a sans-serif font such as Helvetica and not less than 8 points and not more than 14 points.


Numbered tables include technical data in easily interpreted and comparable forms.           

Format for tables:

  • Type the word Table (not italicised) and the table’s Arabic numeral (Table 2, Table 3) three lines below the running head, flush left.
  • Two spaces below the table heading, type the title of the table in italics, with headline style capitalisation. 



Title under Figure


Figure 1. Short-term memory test involving pictures. Reprinted from Short-term Memory Loss (p. 73), by K. M. Pike, 2008, New York, NY: Mackerlin Press. Copyright 2008 by the Association for Memory Research. Reprinted with permission.