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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln

Special Issue


List the editor(s) of the special section or issue in the author position and the title of the special section or issue in the title position. 

Provide the page range for a special section. Do not provide a page range for a special issue. 

If you are citing an article within a special section or issue (rather than the entire issue or section), use the format for a journal article. You do not need to include the title of the special section or issue.  


Parenthetical citation 

(Campbell et al., 2020) 

Narrative citation

Campbell et al. (2020)

Reference list

Campbell, K., Lustig, C., & Hasher, L. (Eds.). (2020). Aging and inhibition: The view ahead [Special issue]. Psychology and Aging,



Editor surname, Initial(s)., Editor surname, Initial(s)., & Editor Surname, Initial(s). (Eds.). (Year). Title of special issue

     [Special issue]. Journal title, volume(issue). 

Special Section

Parenthetical citation

(Wisehart, 2018)

Narrative citation 

Wisehart (2018) 


Reference list 

Wisehart, M. (Ed.). (2018). Educational psychology [Special section]. Archives of Scientific Psychology, 6(1), 105-147. 



Editor Surname, Initial(s). (Ed.). (Year). Article title [Special section]. Journal title, volume(issue), page range.