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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln



Dissertations or theses can be either published or unpublished. Those that are unpublished are usually obtained from the respective university in print format. Those that are published, are usually available from a research database or a university archive/repository. 

The examples below show how to reference both types of dissertation/thesis.

See also the guidance on the APA's Style website at:
(unpublished dissertations)
(published dissertations)

Unpublished theses, dissertations

Parenthetical citation 

 (Aggrey, 2012) 

Narrative citation

Aggrey (2012)


Reference List  

Aggrey, K. K. (2012). The collaboration between the NHS Trusts (Lincolnshire Foundation Partnership Trusts)

      and the voluntary sector on performance of mental health care delivery in Lincolnshire [Unpublished doctoral

      dissertation]. University of Lincoln. 

1. Author(s)’ surname, comma, initial(s) with a full stop after each initial 
2. Year of submission in round brackets followed by a full stop  
3. Title of thesis/dissertation in italics 
4. Description in square brackets [Unpublished doctoral dissertation] or [Unpublished master’s dissertation] followed by a full stop 
5. Name of institution followed by a full stop 


Published dissertation/thesis from a database

Parenthetical citation

(El-Chab, 2016)

Narrative citation 

El-Chab (2016)

Reference list 

El-Chab, A. (2016). The effect of dietary standardisation on exercise performance and physiological

     responses in male athletes (Publication No. 10588261) [Doctoral dissertation, Oxford Brookes University].

     Proquest Dissertations and Theses Global.  


1. Author(s)’ surname, comma, initial(s) with a full stop after each initial (and comma if more than one author) 
2. Year of publication in round brackets followed by a full stop  
3. Title of thesis/dissertation in italics 
4. Publication number in round brackets  
5. Doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis in square brackets, name of institution followed by a full stop 
6. Database name followed by a full stop

Dissertation/thesis published online (not in a database)

Parenthetical citation 

(Lund, 2017) 

Narrative citation

Lund (2017)


Reference list 

Lund, T. W. (2017). Perceptions of academic dishonesty in a cross-cultural context: Students views on cheaters, cheating,

       and severity of offences [Master’s thesis, Marietta College]. OhioLINK: Electronic Theses & Dissertation Center. 



Author surname, Initial(s). (Year). Title of dissertation [Doctoral dissertation or Master’s thesis, Name of Institution).

       Name of resource. URL