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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln

Webpages and websites

It is always important to validate a website before using it in your academic work.  

If you refer to an entire professional website, you do not need to include an entry in the reference list. You must identify the title of the source clearly in the text of your paper and provide the URL in brackets. See the APA's Style website for more guidance on this at:

However, when you cite a particular document or piece of information from a website, include both a reference list entry and an in-text citation.  

If a website does not have an obvious author, you can often find more information in the ‘About us’ section. 

Use the most specific date possible which is provided on the site (e.g. year, month and date; year and month; or year only). If there is no date use (n.d.).

Include the website's name (if this is different from the author) and italicise the web page title.

See also the guidance on the APA's Style website at:

Webpage on a news website 

Parethetical citation  

(BBC, 2013)  

Narrative citation

BBC (2013)


Reference list 

 BBC. (2013, February 3). All human behaviour can be reduced to four basic emotions.


1. Webpage author or corporate author followed by a full stop  

2. Year, month and day in round brackets followed by a full stop  

3. Title of webpage in italics, followed by a full stop  

4. Website name (if different from the corporate author) 

5. URL 

Webpage with a group author

Parenthetical citation 

(World Health Organization, 2019) 

Narrative citation

World Health Organization (2019)

Reference list 

World Health Organization. (2019, October 23). Adolescent mental health.     


Group author. (Year, month date). Title of webpage. Website name (if different from group author). URL 

Webpage on a website with an individual author 

Parenthetical citation 

(Cummings, 2021) 

Narrative citation

Cummings (2021)


Reference list

Cummings, J. (2021, May 20). Mental health benefits of jogging and running. Verywell Fit


Author surname(s), Initial(s). (Year, month date). Title of webpage. Website name. URL