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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln

Citing advertisements

Reference the advertisement according to the style for the source, i.e. an advertisement found in a journal, magazine or newspaper should be treated as much like an article from that source as possible. 

 If an advertisement does not have a title describe the advertisement in brackets, e.g.  [Advertisement for the new Audi Q5].   


Parenthetical citation 

(Friends of the Honey Bee, 2015)  

Narrative citation

Friends of the Honey Bee (2015)


Reference List  

Friends of the Honey Bee. (2015, May 4). Bee a hero: bee-come a friend and help get Britain buzzing again [Advertisement]. 

       The Big Issue, 1152, 32. 


1 Company followed by a full stop 

2. Year, month date of publication in round brackets followed by a full stop  

3. Title of the advertisement, or strapline, or slogan in italics 

4. Advertisement in square brackets followed by a full stop 

5. Title of the publication in italics followed by a comma, volume(issue number if there is one), page number(s) followed by a full stop 

Advertisement Viewed Online

Parenthetical citation

(Nike, 2018) 

Narrative citation

Nike (2018)


Reference List    

Nike. (2018, November 12). Dream crazy [Advertisement]. Youtube. 



 Company name. (Year, month date of upload). Title of the advert or strapline or slogan [Advertisement]. Platform. URL