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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln

Journal article with one author


Include a DOI if the article has one. If the DOI isn't on the article, try using to find this. If there is no DOI, provide a URL for articles which are not from a university database. Do not include database URLs for articles obtained from most academic research databases because works in these resources are widely available and aren't restricted to one database.

Reproduce journal articles as shown on the cited work. Do not abbreviate titles yourself.


Parenthetical citation

(Middleton, 2011)

Narrative citation 

Middleton (2011) 


Reference List

Middleton, J. (2011). The test of time: Neuropsychological approaches to children. Towards a developmental neuropsychology.

      Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 16(2), 247-251.


1. Author surname, comma, followed by their initial(s) with a full stop after each initial  

2. Year of publication in round brackets followed by a full stop  

3. Title (and colon subtitle if applicable) of article followed by a full stop  

4. Title of the journal in italics followed by a comma 

5. Volume number in italics followed by issue number in round brackets (with no space in between and the issue number is not italicised) followed by a comma, space, page numbers followed by a full stop 

6. OR nondatabase URL 



Author Surname, Initial(s). (Year). Article title: Subtitle. Journal Title, Volume(Issue), page numbers (without page abbreviations).

       https://doi: xx.xxxxxxxxxx OR nondatabase URL