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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln


Conference sessions include paper presentations, poster sessions, keynote addresses, etc. Use square brackets after the title to describe the type of conference session - e.g. [Poster presentation].

To help readers retrieve the source, include the date for the whole conference and its location. 

Conference proceedings that are published in a journal or book follow the same format as for a journal article, edited book or chapter in an edited book.

See also the guidance on the APA's Style website at:

Conference session

Parenthetical citation

(Fergus et al., 2008)  

Narrative citation

Fergus et al. (2008)


Reference List  

Fergus, P., Abdulaimma, B., Carter, C., & Round, S. (2014, January 10-13). Interactive mobile technology for children

        with autism spectrum condition [Conference session]. Consumer Communications and Networking Conference,

        Las Vegas, NV, United States. 

1.Presenter(s)’ surname(s), comma, followed by their initial(s) with a full stop after each initial (and comma if more than one presenter) 

2. Date of conference in the format of year, month and dates in round brackets followed by a full stop 

3. Title of the conference paper (and subtitle if applicable) in italics, type of contribution in square brackets, followed by a full stop  

4. Conference name and location followed by a full stop. 

5. DOI or URL (if there is one) 

Conference paper presentation

Parenthetical citation 

(Coleman & Oliveros, 2019)

Narrative citation

Coleman and Oliveros (2019)


Reference list 

Coleman, A., & Oliveros, A. (2019, March 20–23). Using humor to cope predicts higher emotional and 

       behavioral dysfunction [Paper presentation]. Southeastern Psychological Association 65th Annual Meeting,

       Jacksonville, FL, United States. 



Presenter(s)’ surname(s), Initial(s). (Year, month dates of conference). Title of conference paper [Paper

     presentation]. Conference name, location. DOI or URL (if there is one)

Conference paper published in book form


This follows the format of a chapter in an edited book. 

Parenthetical citation  

(Taylor & Lindsay, 2006)  

Narrative citation

Taylor and Lindsay (2006)


Reference list  

Taylor, J. L., & Lindsay, W. R. (2006). Developments in the treatment and management of offenders with intellectual disabilities.

       In L. Falshaw & L. Rayment (Eds.), Division of forensic psychology conference 2006: Invited symposiums (pp. 23-31).

       British Psychological Society.  



Author Surname(s), Initial(s). (Year). Title of paper. In Editor Initial(s). Surname (Ed.(s.), Conference Title: Subtitle (page range).

       Publisher. DOI (if there is one)

Conference poster presentations

Parenthetical citation  

(Fothergill & Bromnick, 2016) 

Narrative citation

Fothergill and Bromnick (2016)


Reference list  

Fothergill, R. & Bromnick, R. (2016, April 26-28). Intentions to work with older adults: a critical exploration of psychology

       students’ motivations and ambition [Poster presentation]. British Psychological Society Annual Conference, 




Presenter Surname, Initial(s). (Year, Month, dates of conference). Title of poster [Poster presentation]. Conference

       name, location. DOI or URL (if there is one)