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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln

Advance online publications


Definitions of advance online publications vary amongst publishers, generally this refers to peer-reviewed work, but the content may not be copyedited or formatted for final production. Publishers will often assign a DOI to identify the record. 

Articles in Press are documents that have been accepted for publication but have not yet been assigned to a journal issue so they will not have date, volume, issue, or page number details or a DOI. 

Update your references close to the handing in date and refer to the final version of a work if possible. 

See also the guidance for referencing preprint articles on the APA's Style website at:


Parenthetical citation                                                                        

 (Lopez-Perez et al., 2020)       

Narrative citation

Lopez-Perez et al. (2020)     


Reference list  

Lopez-Perez, D., Stryjek, R., & Raczaszek-Leonardi, J. (2020). Recurrence qualitative analysis in the 

          study of online coordination in Norway rats (Rattus norvvegicus). Journal of Comparative Psychology

          Advance online publication.



Author Surname, Initial(s)., Author Surname, Initial(s), & Author Surname, Initial(s). (Year). Article title: Subtitle. Journal Title.

       Advance online publication. [if available] OR Retrieved from URL of nondatabase URL 

Article in Press

Parenthetical citation                                         

(Richardson & Gallagher, in press)   

Narrative citation

Richardson and Gallagher (in press)                 


Reference list 

Richardson, A. L., & Gallagher, M. W. (in press). Giving thanks is association with lower PTSC severity: 

         A meta analytic review. Journal of Happiness Studies.