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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln

Law and legal references

This section includes Statues (Laws and Acts), Cases (law reports) and International Conventions. 

The APA Publication Manual does not include UK law so these guidelines are adapted from the templates for US law provided in the APA Publication Manual (7th ed.). 

Acts of Parliament

Also referred to as Statues. 

Parenthetical citation 

(Children Act, 1989) 

Narrative citation

Children Act (1989)


Reference list 

Children Act 1989, c. 41. 


1.  Title of Act including year (in italics), 

2. chapter number written as lower case c with a full stop, space, chapter number, full stop 

4. URL 


Green, White and Command Papers


When considering introducing a new law, the UK Government will produce a discussion document called a Green Paper. White papers set out the details of the Government’s future policy on a particular topic and will often be the basis of a Bill before Parliament. Command Papers are the collective name given to different types of papers prepared by the Government and presented in Parliament with the words “presented to Parliament by command of His/Her Majesty”. 

Parenthetical citation

(Home Office, 2014)

Narrative citation 

Home Office (2014) 


Reference list 

Home Office. (2014). Improving police integrity: Reforming the police complaints and disciplinary systems

         CM8976. HMSO.



Government department. (Year). Title. Command paper number. Publisher. URL 


Cases (Law Reports)

Parenthetical citation  

(Pepper v. Hart, 1993) 

Narrative citation

Pepper v. Hart (1993)


Reference list 

Pepper (Inspector of Taxes) v. Hart, AC 593 (1993).    



Name v. Name, case number date in round brackets. URL