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APA 7th Edition - University of Lincoln

Music album


Provide the name of the recording artist or group as the author.  

It is not necessary to specify how you listened to an album (e.g. streaming, on CD). 


Parenthetical citation

(Metallica, 1986)

Narrative citation 

Metallica (1986)  


Reference List 

Metallica. (1986). Master of puppets [Album]. Asylum Records.  



Recording artist name, Initial(s) or band name. (Year). Album title [Album]. Record label. 


Music track

If the song has no associated album, omit this part of the reference. 

Parenthetical citation 

(Winehouse, 2006)  

Narrative citation

Winehouse (2006)


Reference list  

Winehouse, A. (2006). Rehab [Song]. On Back to black. Island Records.  



Recording artist name, Initial(s) or band name. (Year). Title of song [Song]. On Title of Album. Record label.